Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Light It Up, Baby!

We don't have lots of extra time on our hands around here these days. Well, really, ever since the triplets were born. So outside of the daily care of our tribe, there are lots of things that don't get done until they reach critical status.

I no longer shop just to browse or because it's my usual time to go to the grocery store. I shop because the boys have no underwear that fit. Or Amelia forgot to tell me she needs 36 store-bought cookies for school. Or because my family will not tolerate another meal pieced together from odds and ends. I shop because we truly NEED something.

It used to be that Jeff and I would take care of the little things as they came up: resubscribing to the newspaper, fixing a broken item, changing a light bulb. Not anymore.

In fact, you can pretty much tell how our lives are going by the number of burned out light bulbs we have in our house at any given time. And it's not because we don't have light bulbs in the house. It's just not urgent enough to demand our attention.

Until whole rooms go dark.

Honestly, the problem has gotten so bad that I'm shocked to flip a light switch and see all bulbs burning.

A week ago I took the kids out somewhere and Jeff stayed home to change light bulbs. It wasn't a scam, people! We seriously had so many bulbs burned out that he spent more than a half hour replacing all of them. And we live in a little three-bedroom ranch!

On the plus side, I've spent an entire week being pleasantly surprised when I turn on the lights and the actually come on. I sure am easy to please these days.

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Aunt Mary said...

funny! I find myself doing the same thing. As long as there is some light its suffient for me!