Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Almost Mother's Day

We kicked off Mother's Day weekend with a little time in the backyard this evening.

I divided my time between weeding some horribly overgrown garden beds and pushing naked boys on the swings.

That's how every mom celebrates, right?

I enjoy my time in the garden, but I haven't spent enough time out there in the last month. And I had some giant weeds to show for it! Thanks to a massive effort by Jeff, the World's Best Husband, nearly all of the weeding got done this evening.

And I have missed pushing my boys on the swings. For as mind-numbing and physically exhausting as that can sometimes be, it has become part of my daily routine and now that it's not, I do miss it.

I'm looking forward to spending time reading to my kids, playing in the yard, and a fun family outing on Sunday that will be partly for Mother's Day and partly an early birthday celebration for Amelia this weekend.

Be sure to remember the moms in your life this weekend!

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