Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy "Mudders" Day

This afternoon we went on a creek stomp with friends. It was part early birthday celebration for Amelia, part Mother's Day celebration. We had a blast!

Mom with Sam, Isaac and Alex 

Amelia and Mom 

All of the kids stomped right in. We caught lots of water striders and saw minnows that were too small to catch. But the big excitement came when Isaac was just using his net to scoop up mud.

Suddenly he yelled, "Mom! I caught a dinosaur!"

I laughed, "I don't think so, buddy."

Then I looked and he had a crayfish in his net. So it wasn't exactly a dinosaur, but definitely a catch!

Check out the crayfish in Isaac's net! 

Amelia, Sam, Alex and Isaac take a close look at the crayfish.
Alex was very concerned that no one get too close so they wouldn't get pinched!

Of course for every story there is to tell, there's back story...

Hope you had a happy "Mudders" Day, too!

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