Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Forty Dirty Toes

Tonight there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in my house as I forced four children to take a bath. They would have rather stayed outside since the weather is beautiful. But, they have forgotten how to wear shoes, and I can only ignore black feet for so long.

They were so dirty tonight that they left a ring in the bathtub. Dirty feet, sandy hair, chalk-covered hands, and chocolatey faces added up to one more cleaning job for me after the kids came out of the tub all squeaky clean.

On nights when I don't get them in the bath, which is more often than I care to admit, I try to pretend their little toes aren't black. Otherwise I get the heebie jeebies about their sheets, and washing all of those is no small task either.

On the plus side, if it's true that kids who are exposed to dirt are healthier than those who aren't, my kids shouldn't need to see a doctor until they are about 40.

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