Thursday, May 3, 2012

Working Mom, Week One

The return to the office is going pretty well. The kids are dealing with it better than I expected.

Of course, Isaac did come to our bed the other night. His stated reason was that he needed to be with Mom. Of all the kids, he's the one that seems to need a little more mom time now that I'm not here all day every day.

As for me, I'm managing the transition from full-time Mom to employee without too many bumps. Of course, my "Doc McStufffins" reference was a dead giveaway to my status as mom. But, I haven't told anyone to "flush and wash" as they come out of the bathroom.

I do have to surpress my instinct to leap up and investigate every time there's a loud noise or a burst of laughter. And I can't quite get used to using the bathroom without little hands poking under the door, but I'm adjusting.

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Jane said...

I just came across your blog.
I must hand it to you in your energy as a mom, now working, with tripletts and family!
What a inspiration for young people.
Take care, don't burn yourself out.

Mother of Multiples said...

Mom and working fulltime.....I must really hand it to you. I had a hardtime leaving the work world and although I dream of going back to work I just wonder how I would get it all done. My hat is off to you.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I have just stumbled upon your blog. I am a working mother, with nine year old triplets and a five year old singleton.