Saturday, September 6, 2008

Quiet Saturday

It was such a quiet day here that it's hardly worth a post, but if I go a couple days without posting then everyone starts to worry. So, it may be boring, but here's the latest.

Today we all went to the library, and Amelia had a great time playing at the Lego table and picking out books to bring home. Since we just bought her a Lego table as her "big sister" gift, I hope she doesn't outgrow her love of Legos anytime soon. Amelia can't get away from us fast enough when the Lego table is out at daycare, so we're sure this will be a big hit!

Nap time for Amelia was nap time for all of us. (I am supposed to be resting, you know.) And after the nap, Jeff and I took Amelia for a haircut. She was a very good girl, and loved checking out her hair in the mirror. What a girly girl.

Outside of those strenuous activities, we sorted through some of the last remnants of the basement flood. We had some files and office supplies to go through and reorganize, so we got that pretty much taken care of. I'm hopeful that any day now the only things that will be in our dining room will be the things that belong there! With my limited capacity to help and our efforts to get things ready for the babies (priorities, you know), it's taken a while to really fully recover from the flood. In the end, it will be good, since the basement is now set up as a great playroom and we've cleaned out things that we should have gotten rid of years ago anyway.

We need to clear a place in the dining room for the sewing machine so Mom can start in on a few projects Monday. We have to keep her busy, you now.

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