Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clare & Isabel

I wanted to title this: "Welcome to the Family, Babies," but that would be too mean! Clare and Isabel are twin baby girls that Jeff's sister and her husband are adopting. They adopted another beautiful little girl 5 years ago, so now they are a family of 5. Clare and Isabel were born Sept. 1 and I've been dying to post about them, but needed to wait until things were official with the adoption. Now that they are, welcome to the family, Clare and Isabel!

The girls were born about a month early, and Clare came home the other day, but Isabel needs a few more days in the NICU. They both weigh more than 4 1/2 pounds now and are doing very well.

The proud new parents, along with the rest of us, found out that they were chosen to adopt these little blessings the second week of August. So Jeff's parents are going from having 2 grandchildren to having 7 in a matter of about a month. And two sets of multiples! How wild is that? I can't wait to get all of the little ones together. We'll never have enough arms to hold them all!

Our prayers will forever be with the brave birth mom who chose to give up her babies. It is a gift beyond compare.