Monday, September 1, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Last night, one of my favorite movies, "The Sound of Music," was on TV. Cheesy, yes, but still good. So, in honor of Julie Andrews, here are a few of my favorite things for pregnancy and babies.
  • The Boppy pregnancy wedge. The model doesn't have a enough belly to truly show how useful this is. It may need to be made of industrial foam to stand up to the belly I'm sporting now, but it sure helps me find a comfortable sleep position.

  • Palmer's Tummy Butter and Curel's pregnancy lotion. Both are great. I use the lotion in the morning, because it's not greasy and rubs in well. I use the tummy butter at night, because it doesn't absorb very well, but it is very soothing. Neither is capable of preventing stretch marks if you're carrying three, but they do soothe the stretching skin and relieve the itching.
  • The Fisher-Price booster seat. These seats attach to your kitchen chairs, so no need to find a place to store a high chair (or high chairs!). They fold up and are easy to transport -- we've taken ours camping and on the plane. I also put Amelia's on the floor with the tray as the place for her to play with play-do and color. It keeps her captured and prevents play-do in the carpet and crayon on the wall.

  • Aveeno bath products for everyday use. California Baby bath bubbles for a special treat once in a while. I especially like the "Overtired and Cranky" version, which really can help sweeten up a cranky baby and get her ready to sleep.
  • Johnson's "no more tangles" leave-in hair conditioner. No more fighting to do a second rinse, and it really works, too. In a pinch, I've used it on my own hair with great results.
  • Cloth baby sling. Mine happens to be homemade, but you can buy them at lots of places now. We used to go to dinner with Amelia sound asleep in the sling, and I loved the versatility. I was still using it to carry Amelia on my hip when she was 20 months old.

And this isn't a product, but it's too cute not to share:

  • My daughter insisting that she's going to be a "big brodder."

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