Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ante Up -- Part Two

My sister pointed out that I'd better put a deadline on the guesses or people could wait until next week's ultrasound and have an unfair advantage. Good point!

So, you have until Wednesday, Sept. 24 at noon to post your guesses. After that, the betting window closes, so get your thinking caps on and turn in your guesses on this post or the original:

Here's what you need to post:
* Date (or dates!) the triplets will be born
* Combined total birth weight
* Bonus points if you get the genders right!

And those of you who are predicting I'll carry until November: What did I ever do to make you dislike me that much?


Anonymous said...

Hmm days... We say October 3rd or the 9th.
We say two boys and a girl
We love you but we are thinking you will end up with 17 pounds of baby!

Sarah Tay and Dustin

Angela said...

October 1, combined weight of 15 pounds 5 ounces, two girls and a boy.

Anonymous said...

Well, Oct. 17 is an excellent day for a birthday... You already exceeded my expectations by not having them during my straight 2 days of meetings earlier this month.

Let's go with 18 lbs, 12 oz (hoping for very healthy!) and 2 boys and a girl.

Or I could be really mean and say Halloween. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, mom my works with Jeff's dad at Washington School. :-) Thanks to her I've been reading the blogs rather than working...oops! But my guess is Oct 7, 17 oz. and three girls. (girls are the best!) My dad has three daughters...he's survived! haha!
Wish you all well!