Friday, September 26, 2008

Mega Nesting

Apparently when you are having more than one baby, your nesting also ratchets WAY up. We didn't just get the nursery ready this time around. It seems that every project we've gradually been getting to in the house is completed or is under way. Today my mom and Jeff spent all day painting and moving some furniture around.

Here's the list of projects that have been done or are almost complete since my mom arrived three weeks ago today:

* New valance sewn and installed in the nursery
* Nursery closet cleaned out and ready
* Master bathroom and bedroom painted
* New duvet cover and valances for the master bedroom sewn and installed
* Bench re-covered for bedroom
* Hallway painted
* Hall bathroom painted
* Dining room painted
* New washer and dryer installed
* Second refrigerator installed
* Ceiling fan installed
* China cabinet cleaned out
* Numerous boxes of craft & sewing supplies, clothes Amelia's outgrown, and memorabilia sorted and stored in the basement

Whew! I'm tired having just watched all of this happen. (I helped a little -- sorting boxes and choosing paint colors and fabric, but mostly I watched and cheered the workers on. Tonight I helped by picking up Chinese for supper.)

Once we got started, the theory became: "Better do it now before the babies come." And boy, have they done it!

A special thanks to Sarah, who has been keeping Amelia overnight on Thursdays so we could get some extra things done. Keeping her tonight, too, was more than we could have hoped for. THANK YOU!

Mom keeps telling me to just sit here and focus on having some contractions so we can get this show on the road. As I've started to itch immensely from stretching skin and all the hormonal changes, I'm ready to give these babies up at any time. They are nice and big, and I honestly don't know how much bigger this mama can get!

I'm ready now, and the little ones have a finished and beautiful nest to come home to.

P.S.: They are not for hire!

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