Monday, August 3, 2009

Call It Good Timing

I put Amelia on the toilet before bedtime tonight and as I reached for some paper to help her, I realized we were almost out.

"Stay there for a minute," I said, and I went to get some more toilet paper.

When I came back, less than 30 seconds later, Amelia was off the toilet and had the washcloth I use on my face in her hand.

"I need to use this to dry myself," she told me earnestly, as she did just that.

Then she neatly hung it back up just the way it was.

I think I'll be using a fresh washcloth on my face every night until there are no more children left in this house.


Suzy said...

LOL!! Did you ask her if that's the first time she tried that? I guess maybe you wouldn't want to know. :)

Angela said...

Are you still scrubbing your face?!!! Too funny!!