Thursday, August 20, 2009

Insult or Exellent Marketing?

Today a lady came to my door. She was in the neighborhood putting fliers for her house cleaning business on people's mailboxes.

Turns out that she saw my triple stroller attached to the back of the van so, "I thought I'd knock."

Insult or savvy marketing?

I Tweeted about the incident and the jury is still out.

One person wanted to know if it was Mary Poppins. Ha! Don't I wish. No carpet bag and no brolly, so no luck there.

Another wanted to know if I asked for a free sample. Shoot. Wish I had thought of that.


Suz said...

"I thought I'd knock."

More like, "I saw your obscenely large stroller and thought I'd like to get an inside scoop on the next reality show." Whatever.

Next time, remember to hand her a slimy post-avocado kid & see how she does with *real* cleaning. ;)

Angela said...

If she saw anything that resembled needing to be cleaned, you can praise yourself in spending more time w/ kiddos instead! That's why we have cobwebs on our front door and dare we say what's luring behind the front door....? Enjoying the moments!