Monday, August 17, 2009

Like A Duck to Water

Amelia is taking swimming lessons at the YMCA right now. Today we all went to the Y for her class. The boys went to the daycare (where they caused quite a stir!) for the first time while Amelia and I swam and Daddy took pics.

It's the first swim class she can take without Mom and Dad, though one or the other of us has still been going into the water with her.

Amelia LOVES to swim. She's getting pretty good at being able to move herself across the pool when she kicks.

But Amelia's favorite part of class is getting to jump off the diving platform into the deep water at the end of class. She'd do it a thousand times if we'd let her.

I went to the locker room to get dressed while Dad watched Amelia finish up her class. It was a life-changing experience.

You see, I have always used either the Girls' Locker Room or the Family Locker Room with Amelia. Today I used the Women's Locker Room for adults only because it was closer to the pool.

Most locker rooms are nothing to brag about, but this one...this one has a WHIRLPOOL and a SAUNA. It even has a couple exercise bikes, a TV and a couple of couches. Combine that with the two hours of free child care and you can see why this was a life-changing experience.

Expect my Y membership to get a great workout...but only so I can relax!

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