Monday, August 10, 2009

Soooo HOT

It is so hot here. Meltingly, miserably, horribly hot. So what did I do today? I took my guys for a walk.

That's right. Genius that I am, I carried nearly 60 pounds of boy out to a stroller, strapped them all in and hoofed it around the neighborhood.

It's proof that three crabby boys will drive you to do crazy things.

Seriously though, the guys clearly needed a change of pace this afternoon, and they enjoyed the walk. But then why shouldn't they? They enjoyed a little breeze, and there was no effort on their part. I, on the other hand, proved that Secret Clinical Strength won't hold up to a two-mile walk pushing almost 80 pounds.

As the sweat poured off me, I suddenly realized that I was headed to the fair tonight. And after my sweatfest, I had a treat coming to me. FUNNEL CAKE.

That's right. Powdered sugar on my chin. Crispy crunch in my mouth.


Come to mama.

Gotta love fair season!

1 comment:

monica said...

Have some for me! Glad it's summer!