Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Final Walker

Alex made his big move yesterday, so we are officially all walking. YIKES! He started with two steps with the same foot and then took three steps in a row. He tried out his new skill a couple more times this evening.


Isaac walks about 75 percent of the time now, though to be fair, he actually spends much of his time on his feet running. Seriously. He stands up and takes off just as fast as he can go. Repeat after me: "Uh oh."

Sam has only taken steps a couple of times since his first steps last week, but if both Isaac and Alex are generally on their feet, I'll bet we'll see a lot more walking action out of him, too.

Competition is likely to start early in our house!


Suz said...

Bungee cords.


We used bungee cords under the kitchen table, through the chair legs/through the legs of the high chairs so Baby B wouldn't/couldn't climb to the top of Mt Kitchen Table.

She also walked at 7 months. Thank God for answered prayers - her twin didn't start walking until 2 weeks before their 1st bday.

Trippin' Mama said...


You made me laugh out loud (Mt. Kitchen Table!) -- and go rummage through the garage for bungee cords.