Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We've Got A Grip!

The boys are getting so big so fast! *Sigh.*
It's a great thing, but a sad thing at the same time.

I remember wondering when they were just a few months old when they would be able to hold their own bottles. Not that I wanted them to grow up any faster than they were, but there were many days early on when I couldn't help but think how much easier that would make life.

And look at us now.



Alex shows off the one-handed grip.

It has made bottle feeding, if not life, easier now that they boys can hold their own bottles. But of course, we now take three or four bottles a day instead of eight (our max), so that alone changes everything!

And now that we've got a grip (ha ha) on the bottles, and we're fast moving toward that first birthday (is that even possible?) it's time to move on.

Check us out with our cups!

Isaac, Alex and Sam test out their cups.

In no time at all, Jeff and I will have to buy shares in a dairy farm to keep those cups full.


GLAS said...

Hmmm... I bet I could make you a real good deal on a dairy farm in Bath, SD!

Suz said...

Makes life soooooo much easier. Wish it had been available when the chix were teeny. Though they are *still* on whole milk as the tiny underweight not-on-the-BMI-chart 11-yr-olds that they are.

Trippin' Mama said...

Gretchen, maybe we could just buy shares in the dairy farm. I don't think I have time to take care of cattle in addition to the herd I already have! :-)