Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ten Months Old

Today the boys are ten months old. To celebrate, they hung out with Daddy while Amelia and I went to the zoo. It seems appropriate, since it was about this time last year that I sent Amelia and Daddy to the zoo by themselves, while I stayed home with the boys (still in utero, of course)

A year ago I was posting ultrasound pictures and celebrating the fact that we had nearly made it to the 28-week mark. Each baby weighed almost 2 lbs.

And now?

Now, we've got our hands full of little boys who are ALL boy. They are so busy! Giggling, squealing, standing, climbing, walking (still just Isaac), fighting over toys, speed crawling, getting into everything, eating, eating, eating, and generally delighting their parents and everyone else who meets them.

Sam, Isaac and Alex love to tackle their sister Amelia, and she loves to give them hugs and kisses. She does NOT love it when they pull her hair. Amelia is such a good big sister.


Sam can still let out a good shriek, but he's the one who giggles the most these days. I swear his hair is redder and curlier every day.


Isaac is still the smallest, but he's got his brothers beat when it comes to walking! He's the best sleeper, maybe because he's the most attached to his little blankie and pacifier.


Alex continues to be the eater of the bunch, though Sam can give him a run for the money. Alex loves finger foods: No more waiting for his turn to come around!

A year ago we never could have imagined this, even though we knew we had three babies on the way. We worried about the expense and work. If we would have had even an inkling how much fun we would be having, we would have worried a whole lot less!


Mrs.Burd said...

HI- got your comment- thanks so much for checking in! Your boys are beautiful!! Keep us in your prayers!

Pam said...

Aww, they have grown so much and so has their hair. They have such sweet smiles.