Monday, September 28, 2009

For Sale

Earlier today I put one of the children up for sale on Twitter:

I didn't get any takers. Perhaps because I was too honest?

I had to rescind my offer though. Because laughter like this not only offsets the screaming fit at naptime, it is absolutely priceless!


Megan said...

What a great laugh! Thanks for posting, I needed that this morning! :)

Emily said...

Oh man, that laugh is hysterical! Amelia is a born comedian!

Karin Schueller said...

That was absolutely fantastic!!! Made me giggle out loud. May have to bookmark that one for a grumpy day, lol. :) Who WOULDN'T smile at that???

Pam said...

So cute! I love it when little ones laugh like that. We have video of William laughing like that because of a rattle. We don't know why it was so funny to him but it sure cracked us up. I can't tell you how many times I watched that video for a quick pick-me-up. It's those moments that keep us MOMs going.