Friday, September 4, 2009

The Fry Guys

We have a play kitchen and the requisite ton of play food. The set came with these plastic crinkle-cut french fries, and the boys have been obsessed with them ever since they first laid eyes on them. I think all those ridges must feel good on their gums.

It's not unusual for one of the boys to be crawling around with a french fry hanging out of his mouth, like some cigarette for tots.

Of course, one of the boys likes the french fries more than his brothers. A LOT more. He may even be obsessed. I'll give you one guess who that is...

Alex: One fry in the mouth and one in each fist.

Isaac gives his fry a good chew.

Sam: Caught in the act.

They love having these in their mouths so much that if we offer them a fry they will often just open their mouths instead of taking it with their hands.

McDonald's, any chance you're looking for some cute spokesbabies? I've got the perfect Fry Guys for you.

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