Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Late Summer Fun

Yes, it's officially fall, but we had some really nice weather at the tail end of summer and were able to get out in the yard and have some fun.

Amelia, Sam, Isaac and Alex enjoy the sprinkler.

This beach ball sprinkler has been a huge hit with the boys. And Jeff and I like it because it's easier to manage than the baby pool. Seemed like it really took two of us to make sure everyone was safe when we used the pool.

Sam, Isaac, Alex and Amelia play in the sand.

The sandbox has also become a lot of fun -- once the boys learned not to try to eat the sand. Yuck! They only tried a couple of times each before they decided sand was not for putting in their mouths. Clearly, the sandbox won't be big enough to hold us all next summer.

The lesson that wet diapers (from the sprinkler) and the sandbox don't mix. I'm pretty sure each boy dragged in at least two pounds of sand, even after we removed the diapers!

And since I don't have much time to clean the floors we thought we'd just put up a couple of fake palm trees and pretend we're getting ready for a luau. Bring your flip flops!

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Alysia said...

We have that sprinkler as well and it is AWESOME! Would highly recommend it!!

It was nice seeing you again last weekend. We need to set up a playdate soon.