Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom

Today is my mom's birthday. Last year she was here with us on her birthday, helping take care of me, Amelia and the house while we waited for the boys to be born.

She cooked. She cleaned. She did laundry. I should have been doing those things for her by the time I was 36, not the other way around!

My mom nested on my behalf, since I couldn't do much. So she painted and sewed, and in an trip to Home Depot that had us both shaking our heads, pushed me (at 33 weeks pregnant) around on a rolling chair to pick out a washer and dryer after the electric cart died.

Bet she didn't bargain on that when I was born.

In exchange, we treated her to pizza and a beer on her birthday. Oh, and gave her our undying gratitude. And three beautiful, healthy grandsons.

Grandma Alice holds all the triplets for the first time ~ Sam, Alex and Isaac ~ 10/10/08

I honestly don't know how we would have done it without my mom's help, even though I never went on bedrest. I'm sure having her here helped me carry the babies longer because I was able to do less and rest more.

I don't know if my mom would say that this year's birthday was better than last year's, but it certainly had to be more restful!

Grandma Alice & triplets in the baptismal gowns she made ~ Sam, Isaac and Alex ~ 01/16/09

Happy birthday, Mom. Thanks for always being there.



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Suz said...

How sweet, C!
Happy birthday Trippin Grandma!