Tuesday, September 22, 2009

34 Weeks Pregnant Revisited

It is surreal for to me to think about what life was like at this time last year.

I was 34 weeks pregnant, with no complications and headed for the max of 37 weeks my doctor would allow me to carry. I had been off work for just two weeks, but was not on bed rest.

I was nearing my max of 48 1/2 inches around, and I was slow as an elephant on Ambien, but still moving!

Here's the glamour shot:

Sept. 21, 2008 ~ 34 weeks pregnant with the triplets.

Our 34-week ultrasound showed the babies weighing in at a combined 15 lbs., 13 oz. of babies.

Baby A (Sam) - 5 lb. 4 oz.
Baby B (Isaac) - 5 lb. 3 oz.
Baby C (Alex) - 5 lb. 6 oz.

When we delivered 16 lbs., 8 oz. of baby boys two weeks later because the ultrasound showed Baby A (Sam) had quit growing, their weights were:

Baby A (Sam) - 5 lb. 4 oz.
Baby B (Isaac) - 5 lb. 3 oz.
Baby C (Alex) - 6 lb. 1 oz.

True to form, Alex sure ate his fill those last two weeks! He's still our champion eater.

And if the photos make me shake my head in disbelief, this video of the babies moving and grooving at 34 weeks really amazes me. I can't believe my body ever contained these three active babies, and for so long!

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