Friday, September 18, 2009

Picture This!

So yesterday I got a reminder phone call that tomorrow we are having our picture taken for the church directory.

It's written right there on my calendar, but I completely forgot about it. Of course, I had to schedule it nearly three months ago, so it's no surprise that I forgot.

I instantly panicked about what the kids are going to wear and wondered why I thought 12:10 p.m. was a good time when we are usually just cleaning up from lunch then.

And then I realized that it won't matter what they are wearing or that the boys had lunch at 10:30 a.m., when they are usually just getting up from their nap. The photo sessions are scheduled in 15-minute increments, and there's NO WAY they will be able to get a decent picture of all of us in that amount of time.

Maybe we'll snap a real winner that we can submit here:

I foresee us mulling over which shot makes our children and us look less demonic. The one where half of the children are screaming their heads off? Or the one where the parents look like they would gladly abandon the children on the rectory doorstep at any second?

I suspect no one will notice what we're wearing.

Instead they'll be studying the picture so they can make sure they never end up sitting next to us in church.

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