Monday, November 9, 2009

Amelia Ballerina

On Saturday Amelia took her first ballet class at the local Y.

Amelia Ballerina
She had a great time playing games, jumping, walking on her tiptoes like a princess, and learning the dance positions. At the end of class she ran up to the teacher and gave her a big hug.

It was fun to watch these six little girls, all about three years old, trying to follow their teacher's instructions...more or less. Well, mostly less. They were all so excited to be there that they could hardly contain themselves. It was like trying to teach ballet to a room full of puppies, but the teacher did a great job despite their short attention spans.

Amelia and her fellow students.

It will be fun to see how the group progresses over the next two months. If the first class was any indication, they will certainly have a blast, and entertain their parents along the way!

Amelia shows off a new move.

Really, there's nothing quite like a class full of excited little girls to brighten up your winter Saturdays, is there?

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