Friday, November 13, 2009

Gimme MORE, Mama

We have been trying to teach the boys a few signs to help them communicate with us before they can really talk. We did this with Amelia, and it really helped ease some of her frustration, and ours.

The first sign to catch on was "more." We signed it as we fed them, and Alex, of course, was the first to mimic us.

You could see it on Alex's face: "Hey! I make that sign and they give me more food. Bring it, mama!" Alex will even use the "more" sign for things other than food now.

Isaac signs "more" once in a while, but mostly claps for more food. And Sam has stubbornly resisted doing the sign, even though he clearly knows what it means and is capable. And since we have to feed him even if he doesn't sign, (I know, Parents of the Year, right here!) he isn't very motivated.

The first time Sam ever pulled out the "more" sign was at the boys' first birthday party. He finished his first cupcake and immediately and adamantly started signing for more. Of course, we gave him another cupcake. It was just too funny!

Well the other day Amelia and I made cupcakes and yesterday I gave the boys each a quarter of a cupcake. (Not to worry, I stepped up the plate and ate that odd quarter.) Sam finished his and started signing "more!" He hasn't signed it since their birthday party in September.


Since his brothers were already down and playing I got Sam another small piece of cupcake and told him not to tell his brothers. He gobbled it up and then signed "more" again. I told him he was all done, which is another sign and phrase we've been teaching. He looked up at me, grinned and shook his head "no," then signed "more" again. Little scammer! It almost worked, too.

Apparently all it takes for Sam is the right motivation!


Suzy said...

So cute!! Love that sugar is the only thing that will get him to sign, hehe. I want to teach our kids to sign, but I think I might be too lazy/overwhelmed. Did you find it was hard to work the signs into your conversation? Did you have to show the boys how to make the sign every time you made it?

Emily said...

Sugar is my best motivator, too! :) The only sign that my girls ever took to was "more" - and they converted it into clapping. It's also morphed into "please," so they clap any time they want anything. It's adorable, but confusing when they're clapping along to music and I'm not sure if they're enjoying the rhythm or if they want something!

Nanna said...

My name is Donya Robinson and I am a cousin of Donya Lester.

My daughter is having triplets in January. Donya sent me your blog and I forward it to my daughter, Kelly Koenig. She also has a blog but I am sure you never have time to read it.

I loved the idea about signing before they can talk. Thanks for letting me enjoy your blog and we will stay tuned for more ideas of how to take care of triplets.

Donya Robinson.

Christy AKA Trippin' Mama said...

Suzy, you can do as much or as little signing as you want. I would give the boys a few puffs or Cheerios and when they were gone I would ask if they wanted "more" while I made the sign. Then I would give them more. Over time they started to make the sign themselves. I sign and say "Eat" whenever we get into our chairs to eat, and also sign and say "cup" when I give them their sippy cups. That's about as far as we've gone on signing. But once they start to really get it, you can add more signs and they pick them up fast. Right now we're working on "ball," "book" and "puppy," because I have lots of opportunities to sign those things. There are lots of easy books on baby signs. Pick any of them up and they'll give you a good start.

Christy AKA Trippin' Mama said...

Donya, welcome to the blog! I'd suggest you read the October-December 2008 entries for our early days of raising triplets. I will check out daughter's blog and I will add her to my prayer list. Go, Kelly, go!

Best of luck. Holler if you need anything.