Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Boy Boxes?

Hey, guys! Those are the new toy boxes...

Isaac, Sam and Alex ~ January 2010

I honestly did not pose the boys for this picture. They have always liked to climb into our toy boxes and baskets, and these are a lot bigger than our old ones, so they are even more fun. Basically it's like having a cardboard box to play with, and what kid doesn't like a cardboard box?

I bought these canvas totes at Lowe's last week and I love, love, love them. Clearly the boys do, too!

The totes are sturdy with metal frames inside and best of all, the canvas is attached by heavy duty Velcro, which means you can disassemble them and throw the canvas in the washing machine. Gotta love that feature.

At $9 apiece, they weren't exactly cheap, but well worth the price. I've seen similar totes elsewhere for $20, so I was happy to snag them for less than half that. I bought four thinking that if they survive playroom duty, someday they will make great bins for catching backpacks and school papers for all four kids.

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Girl said...

LOL! Wait till one of them's missing and he turns up inside a dresser drawer :-P

Cute stuff!