Friday, January 22, 2010

Silence, Golden Silence

There's a reason they say silence is golden. It's because anything that rare is worth a lot. Almost $1100 an ounce today, according to the trusty Internet. Though I don't know how to convert ounces to minutes. It probably requires some complex calculation involving the space-time continuum.

Or something like that.

Can you tell it's been a LOUD day and my brain is a-jumble over here?

How about yours?

It wasn't that the kids fought a lot today, or even cried that much. They were just loud. And constant. Amelia could have worn down the Energizer Bunny with her questions today. And the boys are moving to one nap, which is still a little tough for them. That meant some crabbiness this morning.

Yesterday was one great big toy fight after another. I would have paid a lot for a room that would automatically divide into three, sealing each of the triplets in their own space with their own toys. The divider must be opaque, though, because if they can see each other they will, of course, want someone else's toy.

So now I have escaped for a few minutes. Amelia is in the tub, probably relentlessly grilling her daddy about the physical properties of soap bubbles or why water is liquid or some other line of questioning that is nearly impossible to answer. The boys are all in bed, and hopefully falling asleep. I don't know.

Because when I say I have escaped, I mean I took my laptop and ran for the basement playroom as soon as the boys hit their cribs. Can I get an "Amen!" for wireless? All I can hear down here is the furnace blower. And possibly screaming, if anyone were screaming. Which it appears they are not. At least not right now anyway.

I don't know how much 10 minutes of this golden silence is going to cost me, but today it's worth every penny. Trust me.

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