Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Little Better Off

Today one of the babies woke early from naptime with a wail. From the ocean of drool that we're wading through the past few days, I figured it was probably a tooth. The intense gnawing on the pacifier confirmed my suspicion.

So, I dosed him with a little Tylenol and settled in to hold him for a bit. I didn't expect him to fall back to sleep, but he curled up warm and cozy on my lap and drifted off.

My chores were calling. The playroom was a disaster area. The kitchen floor still needed to be swept up from lunch a couple hours earlier. The dishwasher needed to be unloaded.

But I recently wrote about my struggle to find balance, so I pushed all that out of my mind and held my baby. I marveled at his long lashes. I listened to his soft breathing. I snuggled him up tight against me.

My house is worse for the time I spent with my baby.

But my heart is better for it.


Jen said...


And you know what you did what is really important in life. The house will always be dirty. Your baby will not be.

Janice said...

So, so sweet! I actually said, "Aww.." when I finished reading. Messy house, but definitely good momma!

Karen said...

Hi, I just fell upon your website after realizing that I am expecting triplets, and this is my THIRD set of multiples. Reading this post has helped me to realize that we all need to take a step back every so often and just look at the little things! Thanks for sharing!