Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hoops, Baby!

It's a little early for March Madness, but we got a basketball hoop for the boys and Amelia for Christmas. Check out their moves on the court (formerly known as my family room):

I love that Isaac is shooting with two balls at once, and that Alex gets so excited every time he makes a basket. (And I do mean every time.)

Of course, sometimes we still get confused about how to use the basket...


Jen said...

They are just so cute. I too love that excitement.

Aunt Mary said...

I hope Alex's excitement doesn't turn into chest pounding, pointing at oneself or pulling on his Jersey (shirt) like they do in the pros.... tell him Uncle Kyle's advice is "act like you've made a basket before". WIth our boys age12,9 and 6 the BB hoop/court still takes up half my basement. Glad to see Amelia shooting and not standing on the side being a cheerleader!- not that theres anything wrong with being a cheerleader! =0)