Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Uncle Paul and Aunt Staci's New Baby

Amelia got a dollhouse for Christmas.

It's proven to be a pretty good present. She plays with it quite a bit, and recently moved a herd of My Little Ponies into it. (And I think I've got problems keeping MY floors clean?!)

It came with this cute little doll family.

One of the first times we played with it she picked up the daddy doll and said, "Can this be Uncle Paul?"

Uncle Paul is my brother. Amelia's only met him once that she would remember--just this past summer. So it was a little random, but whatever.

"Sure that can be Uncle Paul."

Amelia held up the mommy doll. "And this is Aunt...Aunt...what's her name?"

"Aunt Staci," I supplied.

"And the boy is Max and the girl is Lainey," said Amelia.

Then she picked up the baby. "What's their baby's name?"

"Uncle Paul and Aunt Staci don't have a baby. They just have Max and Lainey," I explained.

"Oh. Well we don't need this baby then," Amelia said as she chucked the baby over her shoulder and across the room.
I retrieved the baby and we talked about pretending. Finally, Amelia decided that since this is "just pretend" it was OK for Uncle Paul and Aunt Staci to have a baby.

So after some debate we named the baby Timothy. ("What kind of name is Timothy?" Amelia asked before she agreed.)

Good grief, girl! There's literal and then there's literal.

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