Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fifteen Pounds of Apples a Day

Today was apple picking day. We headed out to a local orchard for some family fun and fresh apples.

All of the kids loved picking the apples. At first the boys wanted to pick apples up off the ground. Then they wanted to toss freshly-picked apples on the ground so they could pick another off the tree.

Once we told them to put the apples in the basket they did pretty well following directions, though they were a little rough. They chucked the apples like they were throwing a ball, so Jeff guarded our basket and served as designated catcher.

We also had a small issue with a certain redhead wanting to sample every apple he pulled off the tree.

More than half the apples I used to make pie this afternoon had already been through Sam's rigorous taste test. And he did a fine job. That pie was delicious!

Everyone enjoyed the fruits of our labors by sampling a fresh Golden Delicious apple.

Once we had our basket full of 15 pounds of apples, (which doesn't take long with four great helpers!), we headed home.

Amelia and I rolled up our sleeves and started with an apple pie. It was the first of several things I'll be making, and it was definitely worth the effort of chasing four kids through an apple orchard!

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Casy Schweickart said...

That looks like so much fun. We are planning a trip to an orchard near us for next weekend. ;0)

Emily & Ed said...

Tis the season - Hannah, Mason and I braved the local orchard with some family friends from church - Made a pie from scratch, including crust - it was awesome and Hannah's ready to go back for more.