Monday, September 13, 2010

My Second Career: Retail Management

I'd love to tell you that it's all the fun we've been having that's been keeping me from posting lately. Sadly, that's not true.

Yes, I did enjoy a few hours away with some fellow triplet mommies on Sunday. And we managed to successfully navigate Amelia's first Sunday school class, the nursery for the boys (Sam only cried half the time this time around), and church for Jeff, Amelia and me. But much of the rest of the weekend and last week and this week had revolved around the kids' clothes.

I had no idea how much time managing my kids' clothes was going to take!

There's a local kids' stuff sale coming up, and I'm selling so we don't wind up buried in piles of children's clothes, so that's been my motivation.

First I went through drawers and closets to weed out what no longer fits. Then the boys had a little style show so I could see if their snow pants and winter coats from last year still fit. Alex wanted to keep his snow pants on. Whatever. It was 75 degrees in the house, but he was happy. Sweaty, but happy.

Then I went through bins and Spacebags of clothes in the next sizes up that I had sorted and stored previously.

Then I pulled out things that I set aside in the spring to sell at the fall sale because they are seasonal.

Then there's all the hanging, tagging, sorting by size, pricing... My living room looks like Wal-Mart right now, minus all of the odd people.

But I had a great sale when I did this in the spring. Because the kids don't need much in the way of clothes this time around I'm hoping to make a little money instead of just breaking even. Jeff and I will be looking for birthday and Christmas presents though, so that might offset the earnings a bit.

Surely managing the closets of four little people who are outgrowing things at an alarming rate gives me some kind of skill to add to my resume, right?

The sale is this Saturday, so if you need me before then just look under the nearest pile of clothes.

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Emily & Ed said...

LOL - I did the closet and dresser kids clothes sift 2 weeks ago- I'd love to be able to sell some of the them too -- when and where is the next kids clothes and equip sale? Living in rural IN is nice, but not ideal to have your own garage sale.

correspondent said...


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