Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Think I Have The Bends

After five days of being gone, re-entry was a little tough. I quickly got used to nine hours of sleep a night and a hot shower and quiet breakfast every morning.

When I got home from the airport, I was greeted by...no one. Yep. That's right. No one was home. The house was completely quiet. Jeff had all the kids at the children's museum, and I made it home before they did.

While I waited for the troops to return, I dived right back in. I made beds, put away laundry, emptied the dishwasher, swept the kitchen floor and started planning supper.

It was no different than returning to my paying job following a vacation. Someone took care of the critical things (and the kids had a blast with Daddy while I was gone!), but there was still some catching up to do.

After a few days of relaxation, the everyday pace around here just kicked my butt today. Maybe I really do have the bends?

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hellyamber said...

Glad you had a nice holiday, but it does sort of feel just a teensy bit harder when you get back doesn't it?