Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Who Gave These Kids Permission To Grow Up?

I was only gone a few days, but I swear to you the kids grew like I was gone for a month!

I came home to find Amelia an inch taller and three years older than the four-year-old little girl I left behind.

Amelia - 4 going on 14

And the boys! The boys are 23 months old today. And over the long weekend Isaac quit saying "Aler" instead of "Alex," and Sam starting saying "I-zic" instead of "I-gic." What? Who said that it was OK for them to grow up at all, let alone when my back was turned?




Of course, there are pluses to them growing up. Being fully potty and sleeping past 6 a.m. come immediately to mind.

Note: These photos were taken at our local JC Penney's studio. Didn't they do a great job?
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they are adorable!

jfran said...

The group shot is awesome and adorable:) They are getting so big!!