Thursday, September 2, 2010

If You Can't Say Anything Nice

As a mom of triplets you get pretty used to lots of comments. Some nice, some not-so-nice, some far too personal, and some downright rude. I ignore most of the ones that are anything other than nice, but last week I had one I just couldn't ignore.

I was taking the kids to the library and had the boys in the triple stroller. As we wheeled in, some lady looked at me and said, "Oh, thank you, GOD!" As in, "Thank God that's not me."

I looked right at her, smiled and said, "Funny, I say the same thing every day. But in a much nicer tone."

As we walked away, Amelia piped up, "What was she thanking God for Mommy?" I sure hope she heard my precious four-year-old ask that question so earnestly and innocently.

I told Amelia she was thanking God for blessing Mommy with four beautiful children. Because He deserves all the thanks in the world for that, whether that was what our commentor intended or not!

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Suzy said...

Boy, I wish I could be as quick on my feet as you are!!! I would have just gotten mad and maybe hurled a book or two in her general direction. ;) Good answer, though, esp. with Amelia looking on and taking in everything around her!

Debbie said...

Comments like those are hurtful and annoying. I pretty much shake it off, but when my kids get big enough where they understand the negative spin it puts on "them", then this mamma will turn into a bear. haha

Anonymous said...

PEOPLE! Unbelievable. Again, I have no multiples, but I remember going out with my two in a double stroller, on one of those rare days I felt like I had it together, and I must have had 5 people stop and tell me I really had my hands full. Whaaaat?


Donya said...

Kelly gets negative comments like that. One lady said I feel sorry for you. People are always asking if they are all hers. "Here's your sign"