Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Little Bit of Random

We are in the midst of a major fruit fly infestation. I think the homemade traps are finally doing their job. I Googled "fruit fly infestation," because really, that's the kind of thing the Internet does best.

I found a whole bunch of suggestions, including homemade traps that involve a piece of banana, a plastic cup a rubber band, and plastic wrap with tiny holes poked in it. Jeff was a little skeptical, and I did help the process along with a lot of swatting, but I think we're finally almost fruit fly free.


After much searching, I finally found something for the boys to wear to the big wedding in a few weeks. It was so frustrating! I didn't want to spend a fortune, and every place I looked didn't have the right sizes for all three boys. Even online I couldn't find three pairs of black pants and three white dress shirts in the right sizes for anything less than a small fortune.

Then I wound up at They had four-piece vest sets: vest, dress pants, dress shirt and tie on clearance for $14 with free shipping. And they had the sizes I needed. Yay, yay and yay! Thank heavens when everything arrived, it fit.

The boys were very excited to try on their "handsome man" clothes, and disappointed that it wasn't time to go to the wedding yet. I hope they are that excited on the wedding day when it's time for pictures.


Recently I was snuggling with Amelia at bedtime when she gave me a big hug and said, "I wish you were my twin, Mom." So sweet!


The other day I took the kids to the park for some playtime and a picnic.

When I mentioned the picnic Amelia told me, "We're having a party, Mom!"

I smiled. And then she added, "You can come along, since you're the one who drives."


Still not one of the cool kids. They just keep me around for my driver's license. Good thing she was so sweet about the twin thing!


The other day one of the boys had a little issue with his winky when he was sitting on the potty. (Just think about it, you know what I mean.) He looked down in surprise, then said, "My winky is broken!" Then he added, very matter-of-factly, "I need a new one."


The other day Sam asked for "Santa crackers." Jeff and I looked at each other. What? He insisted on "Santa crackers." Turns out he was talking about the Keebler elf on the graham cracker box. Ohhhh! Santa crackers! Of course!


And now I'm off to bed to see if another good night's sleep can squelch this cold and cough. I'm on Day 9 and I'd sure like to be healthy for the Fourth!

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