Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pestilence and Floods

Yesterday Alex woke up and his face was so swollen he could hardly open his right eye.

Nope, his brothers didn't do this!

His whole face was swollen. Eyes, cheeks and across the bridge of his nose. It didn't seem to bother him, but it was severe enough to motivate me to drag him and the other kids to the doctor's office, in the pouring rain. Of course we had to park as far from the door as possible.

I wish I had video of the five of us trying to make our way to the door shuffling along under two umbrellas. A turtle could have beaten us by a mile. Umbrellas were of little use, especially the one Amelia was holding. We were soaked by the time we got there.

The doc thinks Alex had a severe reaction to some bug bites. We gave him a little Benadryl before nap and bedtime and the swelling was gone by this morning.

When we came home someone had an accident in their pants and when I went to toss the dirties downstairs I found water in the basement. Ugh.

Our crawl space flooded in the torrential downpours we've been having. Fortunately, it wasn't much water, but we still had to move everything out of our storage space to clean it up. And we've got someone coming out to dry out the crawl space tomorrow.

Seems there's a little too much truth in that adage: When it rains, it pours!

At least this time around Jeff didn't get electrocuted. But that's a story for another day.

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