Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yes, I Can Draw A Line In The Sand

This morning we took three of the four kids to a festival in the park.

Isaac stayed home with a babysitter.

Not because he was sick. Because we've been working all week on rewarding the boys for doing well at nap time and bedtime. And last night he wound up in the the pack and play after getting out of bed several times, despite clear warnings.

I know. Mean mom. I confess that it killed me to leave him behind.

And the boys kept bringing it up as we drove. "Isaac doesn't get to come." "Isaac isn't here today."

OK, could we please leave the knife out of Mommy's heart for a bit?

Isaac cried when we loaded everyone else in the van, but was fine when we left. I had his sitter bring him down at lunchtime so he could get in on a little bit of the fun.

Letting Isaac come for part of the day assuaged my mommy guilt. But then I worried that I was caving by letting him come at all and it wouldn't have any impact.

His brothers took care of that for me.

They kept talking about what they saw and Isaac would say, "We didn't see that." They were quick to reply, "We saw that before you got there. You stayed home with the sitter. You didn't stay in your bed."

Thanks for your support boys!

Tonight Isaac didn't get out of his bed at all. Not once.

That may be an anomaly, but here's hoping he has finally gotten the message.

This parenting gig sure is tough sometimes!

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Kaia said...

Haha, good boys! Hope he keeps it up so you don't have to do it again!

Aunt Mary said...


hellyamber said...

well done mama! looks like it worked!