Monday, June 20, 2011

Nothing Says Happy Father's Day Like A Little Urine

Jeff promised to delete this if I put it on the blog, but it's just too ironic not to share.

Yesterday we celebrated Father's Day by letting Daddy sleep in. Then we went to McDonald's for lunch and headed to the big library instead of our little local branch. Several people have told me the children's area there is awesome, and it did not disappoint.

Since we're working hard on the potty training everyone wore their big boy undies and I packed a couple pair of spare shorts, undies and a few pull ups, just in case. (This falls under my triplet mama motto to "Be Brave.")

We played with the toys and spent a lot of time putting letters, shapes and numbers up on their big magnetic boards. We read some books and checked out the kid-friendly computer games. Amelia and Isaac had fun rising the escalator, but Alex and Sam REFUSED to ride it.

Then Jeff curled up in a big pod chair with all of the kids to watch a video of a book reading while I found us some books. 

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A short time later he came over and told me someone was wet, because he was wet. I checked all the boys and nothing. Everyone was dry. Uh-oh.

Getting peed on by your own kids is one thing, but sitting in a urine-soaked chair? Ewww! And seriously, we took three pretty-newly-potty-trained boys out in big boys pants and someone else peed on my hubby? How ironic!

On the plus side, I didn't have to tell a librarian that one of my kids peed in the chair. (Side note: Shoe store lady, I'm still sorry we peed on your carpet!)

Needless to say, that prompted us to take everyone to the bathroom and hightail it home so Jeff could clean up.

Jeff didn't let that put a damper on his Father's Day celebration, which is just another reason why he's the best dad ever!
Jeff with Amelia and Sam

I love you, honey. Thanks for all you do for us each and every day.

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