Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bargain Hunt

Today I went to a local children's resale store for their "bag sale." Everything you could stuff in one bag for $15. I bought two bags, which included three nice lightweight spring jackets. I really tried to get it all in one bag, but with the jackets, there was just too much.
The day's haul.
I saved $143, so it was still a great bargain. My total cost was about $1 per item. That made the 20 minutes I stood in line in the freezing cold waiting for the store to open totally worth it.

My success was due, in part, to the fact that I went to the store just before closing last night and scoped out the sale racks. I may have even put a few things together on the racks to make it easier to get what I wanted. Survival of the fittest, baby...

The bargains continued when I bought three brand new winter jackets for next year on clearance. I got three on sale for less than the regular price of one. And one even came with snow pants.

I've always loved to get something on sale. Now it's just more necessary!


Alysia said...

Too funny!! Let me know when they are going to have another sale like that. I will join you and become your accomplis.

Donna said...

Nicely done Christy!!