Monday, January 5, 2009

Got a New Job

Today I started my new job as stay-at-home-mom. Well, technically, my last day of work was Dec. 29, but with Jeff here all last week it didn't really feel official until today.

When I got up this morning and looked at those three sweet little faces in their crib, I remembered returning to work after Amelia was born. I cried the night before because I didn't want to leave her. We dropped her off at daycare the next morning and I started panicking. I remember telling Jeff I thought I had miscounted and I actually had one more week before I had to return to work. Of course I hadn't miscounted, and Amelia was properly doted on at daycare. So this morning I was grateful to be here with my guys instead of leaving them with someone else. Besides, they are the cutest workmates I've ever had!

So happy together: Alex, Sam, Isaac

Oh, I'm sure there will be days when I will want to eat my children whole or leave them at the curb for someone to pick up, but then over the years there have been days when I've felt that way about some of the people I've worked with, too! Frustrations aside, I know that I will still be glad to be here raising these boys. It won't last forever, and already they are growing so fast. Too soon they'll be waving goodbye as they head off to school.

In the meantime, I'll try to treasure all the fun things, like being here for all the firsts (Isaac was the first to really laugh out loud on Saturday!) and watching my guys interact with each other. It really won't be that different from my career in PR anyway. I'll still do a lot of communicating (in short declarative sentences: "NO!") and still be cleaning up other people's messes. :-)

And I'll take payment in million dollar smiles like this any day.



aunt susie said...

Am I seeing a bit of red hair on Isaac now? :)

Grandma D said...

Jealous, I'm so jealous! I miss your little ones...Sam, Isaac, Alex, and Amelia. Did Amelia find her two packages of gum in the room downstairs (pink gum)? Love, Grandma D

Christy said...

Yes, Isaac is looking strawberry blonde these days, but nowhere near as red as his brother Sam.

Grandma D., Amelia found the gum. She was a lot happier about finding it *before* we started to ration it.