Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finally a Visit from Aunt Mary

Aunt Mary has been waiting and waiting to come from Montana to visit the boys. She came today, though we think she intentionally waited until the boys were sleeping through the night! Mary wasn't too happy to hear that the boys had started waking up again, so she was all for the cereal in the bottles.

Aunt Mary with Sam

Amelia's Cousin Luke, Aunt Judy, Grandma Alice and Grandpa Ernie are also here to help us celebrate the boys' baptism this weekend, so we've got a full house of family doting on the boys.

This is also passing as the annual girls' weekend for my sisters, my mom and I, (also known as Estrogen Fest). So we've got to get a little (ha!) chatting and a glass of wine in here and there. We can do that and feed babies at the same time. However, this will be one of few times the boys are welcome at girls' weekend. Once the little ones (boys OR girls) can talk, they are not allowed!) Unfortunately, we're short a sister this time. Cathy couldn't make it from Des Moines. We miss you, Cathy!

(I had to interrupt the writing of this post when my husband came out of Amelia's room with a, "Your daughter..." So I went to look. Amelia, who is having trouble settling down after all the excitement of having family here, had thrown everything out of her crib. That included her jammies and undies. Jeff and I just had to laugh.]

More pictures of the aunties and grandparents with Amelia, Sam, Isaac and Alex to come, but I'll leave you with this cute one of the boys all dressed and ready for Grandma.

Sam, Isaac and Alex


Donna said...

Sounds like lots of help...YAY! Congratulations on the boys Baptism "Party". They look great;) Love the trains! Thanks for posting that picture! Hope you all have a great time together! Happy Thursday!

Kellie H. said...

Those of us in Montana are glad to see Aunt Mary and Luke got there okay! Mary has been waiting so patiently to hold those babies! What a nice time you will have! Have a blessed visit!