Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Three Months Old

Today the boys are three months old. The time has passed so quickly -- largely in a sleep-deprived haze. No, honestly, it hasn't been that bad. Thanks to all the family, friends and neighbors we've had pitch in to help, the first three months were not nearly as difficult as I was prepared for them to be.

It's hard to believe how much the boys have grown already. All of them have doubled or nearly doubled their birth weights. They are all smiling, cooing, and flirting like crazy. Isaac has laughed out loud, and Sam and Alex are getting close. Everyone's kicking up a storm, and it's a real race to see who will turn over first. Most importantly, the boys -- ALL of them -- are starting to sleep nice long stretches at night. Whether you have one baby or three, the impact of a full night's sleep on moms and dads is amazing! We never really experienced that with Amelia when she was a baby because of the reflux, so I'm in total awe of having three babies do it all at the same time, even once, let alone more than once.

Sam, Isaac and Alex are still sharing a crib, but it won't be long now and we'll have to split them up. They have grown so much they now take up the whole crib.

Alex, Isaac and Sam - 01/08/09 - 3 months old

Alex, Isaac and Sam (from top) - 10/14/08 - 6 days old

When people learn that the boys are sharing a crib, they almost always ask the question: "Don't they wake each other up crying?" As this little video shows, they've learned to sleep through each other's noises. They almost never wake each other up. In fact, I'm a little afraid they won't sleep as well once we separate them.


Amber Kent ( said...

What a cute blog! My cousins Lorrie shared this with me, since I have twins... I will tell you that we split our boys up in to their own cribs right around 4 months. I have to say, that they didn't even seem to notice... But my poor husband shed a few tears over it! Haha!

Wait until the first time you wake in the morning to the three of them babbling back and forth between cribs! The best part is that they entertain one another long enough that you usually get to sleep an extra 20 minutes or so in the morning!

Grandma D said...

Thanks for the sound clip- I've been missing the baby voices, yes, the crying baby voices!
Love, Grandma D

Christy said...

Grandma D., I'm glad you enjoyed the "voices." We'll try to get some more pleasant conversation captured and up for you sometime soon.

Welcome Amber. I'm sure splitting the boys up will be harder on me than anyone else! :-)