Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Latest Weigh In

Apparently a really cute picture of the boys in their overalls isn't enough for my reading public. Having been chastised for a lack of posts (you all can thank Sarah for that), I'm getting it in gear today. But, hello! Triplet mom here! Sometimes you'll have to give me a little break.

In today's triplet news, the boys slept until 6:30 a.m. Go team! They are settling back into the 3-hour schedule, after a couple days of needing to eat more often to accommodate a growth spurt. Growing is good!

Isaac has apparently decided it's time to catch up with his brothers and has been finishing 5-oz. bottles today. It's been a rarity for him to this point, but he's eaten 5 oz. or darn close to it at every feeding today. C'mon little guy, you can do it!

At last week's weigh-in we had:

Sam - 12 lb. 2 oz.
Isaac - 10 lb. 7 oz.
Alex - 12 lb. 7 oz.

Everyone has now doubled his birth weight, and Sam's catching up to Alex fast!

Isaac is the most verbal of the group now. Perhaps he's compensating for his size? He pulls his giggle out on a regular basis, too. Alex will laugh when you work on him, though he'll smile at the drop of a hat. Sam has gotten to be a big smiler now, but we're still really working him for a laugh.

More pictures to come soon.


aunt susie said...

Thanks Sarah!! :)
The pictures are SOOOOO cute, and I know they're even cuter in person!

Sarah said...

I was having a bad day and some triplet news would have been nice! Seeing as it had been four days since the last post I assumed there would be something there! SOO SORRY! Hehe