Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bottoms Up!

Once they mastered the art of rolling, all of the boys started to pull the trick of flipping over on the changing table. Alex and Sam don't do it very often now, but Isaac...oh, Isaac! That kid is FAST, and he'll roll over almost before he hits the table. I swear somehow he's actually turning over in midair.

When all the boys were rolling, I did so much wrestling every day that I thought I was in training for a greased pig contest, or Worldwide Wrestling's Smackdown. Thankfully, Alex and Sam gave up that trick pretty soon. Now it's just Isaac who does the bottoms up on a regular basis.




If you hold Isaac's ankles to keep him from turning, he'll arch his back and still work out a way to turn himself over. Honestly, it's like diapering a slinky!

But he's such a cute slinky!


MommyAmy said...

Oh man! My Ziva was exactly the same way! That girl started rolling at 4 months and pretty much never stopped!!

Sometimes if I give her an interesting toy to play with, like my car keys or cell phone, it keeps her occupied long enough to do a quick change.


Drama Queen Jenner said...

My 18-m-o does everything she can to avoid staying still to get her diaper changed.

The Amazing Trips said...

They are so adorable!!!

Be still my heart. Seriously, just seeing these pictures makes me want another one. (Or three.)

Quick! Step Away from the COMPUTER!!! :)

Grandma D said...

What a cutie! Run, Susie, run! Enjoy the little ones, but save some energy for running- Aly and I will take over the hugging real quick! (good luck with the running, btw)
and- I think someone is going to have a birthday soon- :)
See you soon, almost 3-year-old Amelia!

Anonymous said...

Aww he is a cute slinky!!! I know my boys are all over the place, still to this day, they are 17 months and won't hold still, ugh.