Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Round of Firsts

Sorry to be so spotty on posts. Between the holiday weekend, a visit from Grandma D., and Amelia's birthday, we've been busier than usual.

Isaac, who is usually our best sleeper, had a tough time last night. This morning, we discovered the culprit: a new tooth! Isaac was the first to cut a tooth, and now he is the first to cut a top tooth, too -- on the right side.

Isaac working on tooth #3.

Before the bedtime bottle last night, Alex showed off his newest move -- pulling himself up to standing. Too bad he waited until Grandma D. left to make his move. I know she would have loved to see him.

Alex pulls up to his feet for the first time!

This morning, when I was trying to get the boys down for their nap, I turned around from putting Isaac down to find Sam had pulled himself to standing in the crib. Unfortunately, I didn't happen to have my camera handy.

Alex and Sam are on the move now!

Won't be long now and we won't be able to keep up with these boys. Luckily Aunt Allie is here to stay for the summer, so we've got some fresh legs on the job!


Angela said...

I think my Isaac would love to come play with your boys! They are almost doing the same things, except our girls have him beat on teeth! Does it take your breath away to see them all crawling around?! We're days away from them "breaking free"! Happy 3rd Birthday wishes as well! Cute Cupcakes too!

Christy said...

Angela, wouldn't that be fun? It would be an even bigger dogpile in the middle of our playroom! :-)

Drama Queen Jenner said...

Looks like reinforcements are definitely in order!