Friday, May 1, 2009

It's the Little Things

Time is flying by around here, and I want to capture a few of the things all our little people are doing or have done that I want to remember. I know if I don't write these down, they will quickly disappear from memory forever.

Little Things We Love (Mostly)

1. The way Isaac reaches around with both hands to grab the blankie we cover him with when he sleeps.

2. Alex's favorite noise of the moment: "Arrrr." For a good time say it to him and he will say it back...repeatedly.

3. The way Amelia says "Bah-min," when she means "Bottom."

4. The giant grin Sam gives us anytime we get him out of his crib.

5. Amelia's use of "are" instead of "do." I.e., "Are you like it, Mommy?"

6. The way the boys used to snuggle up together to sleep when they shared a crib.

7. The way the boys "talk" to each other and look at each other and just giggle now. I often wonder what is so funny.

8. Amelia making "sand angels" in her sandbox. (I don't LOVE this, but I give her points for creativity.)

9. Holding sturdy little bodies against us as they drift off into dreamland.

10. "Squeeze hugs" from Amelia.

There are tons more, but it's getting late so this post will have to be continued after I've had some shuteye...

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