Friday, May 15, 2009

Aunt Susie

Take three seven-month-old boys, one nearly three-year-old girl, throw in an enthusiastic aunt, and you've got a recipe for FUN!

Amelia has already informed me that Aunt Susie is her "best fwend." Last night they had a Cheeto party. (It involves having a picnic of Cheetos in the basement playroom. Susie was happy to join in!)

Today they played on the swings, chased bubbles and dug in the sandbox.

Yay! Someone new to give pushes on the swing!

Tonight Amelia wanted Aunt Susie to get IN the tub with her to play. She settled for having Susie play with her from outside the tub, but only after a few tears.

In addition to being Amelia's "best fwend," Aunt Susie is already an expert at shoveling food as fast as possible into three boys' mouths. She's enjoying all of the crawling, giggling and flirting the boys are doing now. It's quite a change from when she was here in December and the boys were just two months old!

Aunt Susie feeds the boys their lunch.

Tomorrow Susie is running a half marathon. It's a good thing someone so in shape is here to lend a hand!


Drama Queen Jenner said...

I love the boys' chairs! My 3-y-o still sits in hers, though without the tray.

aunt susie said...

Yes, that picture captures it - all 3 putting their hands in their mouth so I couldn't quite feed them!