Monday, May 18, 2009

An Ode to Caffeine

If you listen to a lot of children's music, like we do, you may have heard "The Coffee Song" by Ralph's World.

It goes like this:

M-O-M-M-Y needs C-O-F-F-E-E,
D-A-D-D-Y needs C-O-F-F-E-E,
M-O-M-M-Y needs C-O-F-F-E-E,
D-A-D-D-Y needs C-O-F-F-E-E,

I love my kids. I love my kids. Gosh, I love my kids.
But I need, what I need, and I need a lot of what I need and that's C-O-F-F-E-E.

It's absolute GENIUS!

Now coffee is not my caffeine of choice, but I'd mainline it right now if I didn't have the option of a nice, cold Coca-Cola. Oh, thank God for Coke!

Last night was rough. My night consisted of a 45-minute nap. Up with Sam for 10 minutes. Down for 20 minutes. Up with Isaac for 10 minutes. Down for 20 minutes. Up with Alex for an hour. Lay down with Amelia's arms glued around my neck for 30 minutes until she falls back asleep and I can sneak out. (That is, thankfully, unusual!) Put Jeff on duty for a couple of hours with Sam, then get up again with Alex and "sleep" with him on the couch for two hours. Sneak another one hour nap while Jeff, the WBHE (World's Best Husband Ever), feeds the babies breakfast and gets Amelia up and ready for the day.

Can you say C-O-F-F-E-E!

Alex is struggling with reflux. I had a baby like this before. We walked the floors for hours with Amelia, and I'm seeing a repeat of it in Alex. He'll sleep peacefully for an hour or two, and then wake screaming. The only comfort is to get him up onto your shoulder, and even that doesn't help right away.

So, I trucked all the babies to the doctor's office by myself this morning -- clearly, the action of a desperate woman -- to make sure it wasn't ears. It isn't. We adjusted Alex's medicine, and I have my fingers crossed that this helps, because the first call for an appointment at a pediatric GI yielded a July 22 appointment...with the nurse practitioner.

JULY? Seriously? And we don't even get to see a doc? I'm pretty sure I can't survive on three hours of interrupted sleep a night for the next two months.

Not even if they put a Starbucks in my basement.

Although that wouldn't hurt. I wonder if they are looking for a new location in my neighborhood...


Drama Queen Jenner said...

I used to drink Coke. 3+ litres per day. Now I drink 2 coffees and at least a 40 oz tea per day or killer headaches abound. It's a ton less sugar, that's for sure!

Aunt Sheryl said...

July is a long time to wait for an appt. But I have come to like the nurse practitioners better than the doctors. They usually listen better and are more sympathetic to your problems. Which means they are more apt to help you figure out the best route. Poor Alex!!

Christy said...

Sheryl, I agree that the nurse practitioners tend to listen better, but I worry that we'll need to see a doc and have to wait another couple of weeks to get in. Still hoping the med change solves the problem. UGH.


mpannek said...

Love the coffee song! I find myself addicted to Starbucks caramel macchiatos (venti, non-fat, with whip). I have noticed an increase in my coffee intake since the birth of my triplets...hmmm.

The Wilcoxson's said...

I am not a coffee drinker but I am a Sonic lover of the 44 oz. Vanilla Cream Dr. Pepper. hang in there. I always like it when they tell you that July is the earliest and you have to ask yourself are there really that many people with issues or are they going on vacation. Hang in there.

aunt allie said...

I could deal with a Starbucks in my bedroom.

see you soon!

donna said...

I love COFFEE!! I hope you get some answers and until then, I hope the meds work. Hang tough, like you and Jeff always do! Thinking of you!