Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh, Christmas Tree

With Aunt Susie here to watch the boys, we took the opportunity to take Amelia to the tree farm to get our Christmas tree. It was, of course, snowing and one of the coldest days of the year -- 11 degrees with the wind chill. We bundled up and made fast decisions!

Daddy and Amelia at the Christmas tree farm.

Amelia enjoyed seeing the "reindeer" and playing in the snow.

Amelia and the "reindeer."

Amelia did not enjoy falling in the snow. She fell just before we took this picture with her next o a tree just her size. She was very concerned about getting the snow off the seat of her pants.

Amelia next to "her" tree -- a 3.5 footer that was just taller than her.

Now if only the elves would come decorate the tree for me...

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Amy said...

Oh my gosh, Amelia is so freakin cute! I love her little pink coat:). Lennon and I picked out our tree the other day too! It looks great and smells wonderful.